Marcus Curtius


Y-DNA of the Curtius family & variants:

e.g. Curtze, Korte, Kurtz, Kurtze, Kurz, Van Someren, Van Zomeren etc. families.

I am a real fan of DNA and in particular Y chromosome DNA. It is the Y-DNA that traces the paternal line, which in most cultures is the ancestry of your surname inherited through your paternal ancestors; Y-DNA is only possessed by males, so if you are a female you will need to get a male Curtius / Korte / Kur(t)z(e) family member to take the test.

This Curtius / Korte / Kur(t)z(e) DNA Project is open to all families of all spelling variations and from all locations; and to anyone who believes he is a Curtius / Korte / Kur(t)z(e) by blood, regardless of his last name. The knowledge gained from your DNA test results will enhance your understanding of yourself and how you fit in with humanity from its' earliest origins on planet Earth.

My Y-DNA test has confirmed my Haplogroup (genetic clan) is J2; or more specifically haplotype J2a4h2d or in its' current abbreviated form is J-L590+; what's yours? My mother's mtDNA haplogroup is H3b-G16129A!; what's yours? These codes link me to my ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Log on to the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) website to read about DNA testing and which can help find your ancient ancestry.

Order a test from FTDNA for your Y-DNA and they will send you a kit from which you take an easy cheek swab. Here is a link to a video showing how easy it is to take a DNA test.

Knowing your DNA Haplogroup allows anyone to trace the course of their ancestry through the ages of mankind back to the Ape, Mammals and on to the beginning of life on Earth millions of years ago - how fantastic is that!


Ernst Haeckel - Tree of Life

This Curtius / Korte / Kur(t)z(e) genealogy website uses an existing Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) surname webpage to collate the DNA of testers; it is called The "Kurtz" Group Project and this has a further link to its' sister website at Worldfamilies called "The Kurtz DNA Project" which uses Y-DNA testing, paper trails, and research to identify those with whom they share a common ancestor; but sadly this website has now closed due to the burden of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force from 26 May 2018. Y-DNA tests cost less when you order them through a surname project at Family Tree DNA.


A Free or Subsidized Test?

Although the majority of Y-DNA participants are likely to be people of German decent, this project has a worldwide focus. If you are a male named Curtius / Korte / Kur(t)z(e) or some variant of that surname or have the surname Van Someren / Van Zomeren or a variant of that surname, you may qualify for a free or subsidized Y-DNA test if you are willing to provide a five generation or more Curtius / Korte / Kur(t)z(e) or Van Someren / Van Zomeren lineage. I am making this offer in order to promote interest in our family surname and hopefully for me personally to find more relatives. Please contact me if you are interested.



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