Marcus Curtius


Y-DNA of the Curtius family & variants:

e.g. Curtze, Korte, Kurtz, Kurtze, Kurz, Van Someren, Van Zomeren etc. families.

Family Tree DNA tested

If you have already been tested at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) then it easy for you to join the Curtius Y-DNA project. There is no charge to join another project and you may belong to any surname project, geographic project, Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup project (if you have been Y-DNA tested) and mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) haplogroup (if you have been mtDNA tested). The following is how to join if you already have your test results with FTDNA.

1. Go to Family Tree DNA and sign in using the kit number and password that they gave you.

2. In your FTDNA personal page "Welcome to myFTDNA" click on the drop-down menu "Projects" and select "Join a project".

3. Under "Surname Projects" select "K (...)" then the surname of the project you wish to join; in this case select select Kur(t)z(e) to apply to join the project .

4. Kur(t)z(e) is the surname group project hosted by FTDNA and linked to this Curtius / Kur(t)z(e) website. 

When you have joined the project, the Project Administrator will be notified by FTDNA, and your results will be available for posting on the Project's Results Page. In your FTDNA personal page "Welcome to myFTDNA" is an area on the left "Your Account", go to "Projects" / "Manage Projects" and click on that button to view and access the Project(s) you have joined.

Or if you prefer, you can email FTDNA and ask them to transfer you into the project. Use the contact page at FTDNA.




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