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Genealogies of the Curtius - Korte - Kur(t)z(e) families


Below is an extract from Page 48 of the Goldenes Buch Bremen alias Geschlechtsregister alter und neuer bremischer Familien, by C.A. Heineken; recording the family tree for the Curtius alias Korte family of Bremen in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Heineken Korte

Goldenes Buch Bremen alias Geschlechtsregister alter und neuer bremischer Familien, by Christian Abraham Heineken. Staatsarchiv Bremen: 02. Ratsarchiv; 02.08. Kultur, Bildung und Kirche; 2-P. 1. - Quellensammlungen und Geschichtsforschung.


The family trees within this website are those of my Curtius One-Name Study and consists of any Curtius - Korte - Kur(t)z(e) families and includes their direct ancestors, descendants, siblings, cousins, collateral descendants and in-law (married) relatives etc. So anyone mentioned in the genealogy has some related connection to the Curtius - Korte - Kur(t)z(e) families. It should be borne in mind that the people mentioned in the genealogy all have varying degrees of authenticity; for instance the pedigrees may have some assumptions made as to the exact lineage and include persons who may not be in fact correct; but are a best guess with the evidence available; the assumptions have to be made in order to try and construct a coherent chart. Even in the printed pedigree shown above there are errors; so you cannot believe everything because it is in print! Don't take everything you see in my website as absolute proof positive! It's only a guide. The results of research should always reference sources and original documents are the only way to construct a family tree with veracity and even then the original documents should be graded as to their surety.


The member's area leads the way to my research on the genealogies and / or the coats of arms currently of the following families:

  1. Corthum alias Korthum of Ostfriesland, Mecklenburg and Westfalen, Deutschland [Germany]
  2. Cortüm alias Kortüm of Ostfriesland, Mecklenburg and Westfalen, Deutschland [Germany]
  3. Curtius of ?, Deutschland [Germany]
  4. Curtius alias Kurtze alias Korte of Bremen, Lippe & Duisburg, Deutschland [Germany]
  5. Curtius alias Kurtze alias Korte of Lippe, Detmold, Braunschweig, Eschwege, Kassel, Minden etc. Deutschland [Germany]
  6. Curtius of Duisburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland [Germany]
  7. Curtius of Constanz, Bodensee, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  8. Curtius alias Kurtt of Golzheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland [Germany]
  9. Curtius alias Curti of Groß-Umstadt, Hessen, Deutschland [Germany], England, Italy and Sweden
  10. Curtius alias De Corte of Liege, België / Belgique / Belgien [Belgium].
  11. Curtius alias Korte of Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland [Germany] and København [Copenhagen], Danmark [Denmark]
  12. Curtze alias Kurtze of Waldeck, Hessen, Deutschland [Germany]
  13. Donker Curtius, of België / Belgique / Belgien [Belgium] and Nederland [Netherlands]
  14. Khurtz of Ratisbon (Regensburg), Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  15. Korte of ?, Deutschland [Germany].
  16. Korte of Böderich, Werl, Soest, Westfalen, Deutschland [Germany]
  17. Korte of Bremen, Deutschland [Germany]
  18. Korte of Verden (am Aller), Niedersachsen, Deutschland [Germany]
  19. Korte alias Cortse of Amsterdam, Nederland [The Netherlands]
  20. De Korte alias De Corte of Brugge, België [Belgium]
  21. Korten of Deutschland [Germany]
  22. Korth of Deutschland [Germany]
  23. Kortum of Hamburg, Deutschland [Germany]
  24. Kurs of Pressburg (Bratislava), Slovenská [Slovakia]
  25. Kurtz alias Khuertz of ?, Deutschland [Germany]
  26. Kurtz of Alpenrod, Hessen, Deutschland [Germany]
  27. Kurtz of Appenzell, Schweiz [Switzerland]
  28. Kurtz (Gülten-Bereitung), Oberösterreich, Österreich [Austria]
  29. Kurtz of Hohenwaldeck, Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  30. Kurtz of Kempten, Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  31. Kurtz of Nürnberg, Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  32. Kurtz of Regensburg, Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  33. Kurtz of Reutlingen & Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  34. Kurtz alias Curtius of Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  35. Kurtz alias Kurz of Schwäbische Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  36. Kurtz of Thun, Schweiz [Switzerland]
  37. Kurtz of Velden, Nürnberg, Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  38. Kurtz of Wangen im Allgau, Deutschland [Germany]
  39. Kurtze of Niederlausitz, Deutschland [Germany]
  40. Kurtze alias Van Someren of Zwolle, Overijssel and Van Zomeren of the Westerwolde, Groningen, Nederland [Netherlands]
  41. Kurtzer of Appenzell, Schweiz [Switzerland]
  42. Kurz of ?, Deutschland [Germany]
  43. Kurz of ?
  44. Kurz of Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  45. Kurz of Bern and Langnau im Emmental, Schweiz [Zwitzerland]
  46. Kurz of Bern, Schweiz [Zwitzerland]
  47. Kurz of Beromünster, Schweiz [Zwitzerland]
  48. Kurz of Buhlbronn, Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  49. Kurz of Deggingen, Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  50. Kurz of Gärtringen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  51. Kurz of Goldenstein & Salzburg, Österreich [Austria]
  52. Kurz of Hausen an der Zaber, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  53. Kurz of Perst, Livland [Livonia], Baltische Ostseeprovinzen [Baltic governorates] (Latvijas & Eesti) [Latvia and Estonia]
  54. Kurz of Pfaffenweiler, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  55. Kurz of Prag, (Praha) [Prague], Böhmen (Čechy) [Bohemia], Česká republika [Czech Republic]
  56. Kurz of Reudern, Nürtingen in Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  57. Kurz of Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  58. Kurz of Senftenau, Lindau, Bayern, Deutschland [Germany]
  59. Kurz of Thun, Schweiz, Switzerland
  60. Kurz of Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  61. Kurz of Vechigen, Bern, Schweiz [Zwitzerland]
  62. Kurz alias Kurtz of Oberdiebach, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland [Germany]
  63. Lütke alias Parvus of Hamelwürden, Alten-Luneberg and Wisch, Herzogtümer Bremen und Verden, Deutschland [Duchy of Bremen & Verden, Germany]
  64. Lutteke alias Klene alias Korte alias Parvus of Bremen, Lüneburg & Verden, Niedersachsen, Deutschland [Germany]
  65. Miscellaneous Van Someren and Van Zomeren families of Nederland [Netherlands].
  66. Van Someren alias Kurtze of Zwolle, Overijssel and Van Zomeren of the Westerwolde, Groningen, Nederland [Netherlands]

Some of the family genealogical information provided in my research is extensive, whilst in some others it is negligible. If you have anything to contribute to this web-site it will be gratefully received.

Currently the Korte / Curtius / Kurtze of Bremen, Lippe, Kassel etc. database contains 846 people; the Kurtz family of Reutlingen contains 1246 people; Kurtze alias Curtze family of Waldeck contains 670 people; Korte alias Curtius of Lübeck contains 48 people and the other families are represented by smaller numbers in the database. My own 'Van Zomeren Warringa' family principally from the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe in the Northeastern Netherlands and Germany contains nearly 25,000 people. The genealogies are fully interactive with hyperlinks, images, sources, maps, etc. Adding information will be an ongoing process, with new data being uploaded to this website from time to time.



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